Thanksgiving Snacks For Preschoolers

Thanksgiving Snacks For Preschoolers

After talking about how corn was introduced to the Pilgrims we then make cornbread one day; the next day we boil and eat corn on the cob; we have popcorn another day, and then for fun, we have candy corn the next day. The children love it, and are part of all the mixing and the shucking of the corn, and adding corn to the popper.

We make mini cornucopias by using Bugles snacks. Put a little bit of vanilla cake frosting in the opening and let the children add 3 or 4 Runts fruit shaped candies. I’ve also seen this done with Trix cereal.

We are making and eating a feast. I have invited 7 parents to come help us in learning centers. 1. We will make cornbread in one (packaged mix). 2 Roll turkey and ham slices and attach with toothpicks. 3 Make stove top stuffing by adding warm water. 4. mini pumpkin pies: cut circles from Pillsbury all ready pie crust and put into mini muffin tins, fill with premixed pumpkin pie filling from a can and bake. set of children and parent sets the table 6.make butter by putting whipping cream and a marble (clean) in a plastic container and shake during circle time.7. Everyone helps clean up. Have fun!



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