Thanksgiving Games

Turkey Hunt Copy and laminate pictures of turkeys and hide them around the room. Number them if you like. Tell the children they are going on a turkey hunt. Let them find the turkeys and bring them back to you.

Spray paint liter pop bottles with brown paint and add a face and feathers. Fill a fourth full of sand and the kids can do Turkey bowling!! Or you can do this with any holiday, ghosts or cupids or bunnies!! Strike!!!

Pin the tail on the Turkey:

Draw a large picture of a Turkey on white paper. Cut the drawing out and glue it to a sheet of poster board. Cut different colored feathers out of construction paper. To play: All players receive a feather with a pushpin. Blindfold the players when it’s their turn. Spin the player around and point them in the direction of the turkey. Let them pin their tail on the Turkey!

Run Fast Little Turkey

Act out the following with your kiddo’s

The brave little Pilgrim

Went out in the wood

Looking for a meal

That would taste really good.

First she/he picked cranberries

Out in the bog.

Then she saw a turkey

Hiding in a log.

Run fast little turkey.

Run fast as you may.

Or you will come to dinner On Thanksgiving Day!

My Turkey

As you recite the poem below, have the children act out the movements described.

I have a turkey, big and fat.

He spreads his wings

And walks like that.

His daily corn he would not miss,

And when he talks he sounds like this

Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.