Thanksgiving Games

Pin the tail on the turkey. Take a fake turkey made out of construction paper and have the kids pin the tail on him. Just like the game pin the tail on the donkey.

Have the children act out the following Thanksgiving poem. Bring an apron and pan for the cook’s props. Use five large blocks for the “turkeys” fence.

Five fat turkeys sitting on a fence.
The first one said “I’m so immense”
The second one said “I can gobble at you”.
The third one said “I can gobble too”
The fourth one said I can spread my tail”
The fifth one said “don’t catch it on a nail”
Out came the cook with a great big pan.
Away flew the turkeys with their tails in a fan.

An outdoor activity for Thanksgiving, and beyond. Depending on how many students you have, choose two to three children to be the Pilgrims going on a turkey hunt, the rest of the children are the turkeys. Have the ‘hunters’ count to ten to allow the turkeys time to hide, then you may start the hunt. The turkeys may gobble to help the hunters locate them, as the turkeys are caught the hunters place them in a designated ‘pen’. when all turkeys are caught, change out the hunters and play again, and again, and again. Trust me, the children will have so much fun with this they won’t want to quit. That’s why you can change this game for each season. Christmas, Reindeer Hunt (Santa or Elves hunters), February, Runaway Valentines; etc…Enjoy!

Hide small plastic turkey somewhere in the room. Have children take turns finding the turkey. Other children must “gobble” when the seeker is close to the turkey.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.