Thanksgiving Curriculum Ideas

Have children bring a photo of each member of their family. Child can glue the photos on orange, yellow or brown construction paper. Also, add turkey stickers, or other Thanksgiving-related stickers. Then cover the paper with Contact paper and the child has their own Thanksgiving Placement.

I put a cornucopia and several pieces of real fruits and vegetables in a tub with magnifying lenses. The children can play with the cornucopia by filling it with the foods. They can examine the foods with the lenses. We talk about the colors, textures, smells.

Thanksgiving Dinners

Paper Plates and Food cut out from magazines

Let children glue food onto paper plates. Any food items from magazines are appropriate because not everyone has turkey!

While working on my E.C.E. degree, the four year old class and I worked on this wonderful Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece for our Thanksgiving feast. You will need brown paint, paper plates, various colors of construction paper, and empty paper towel tubes. Paint the paper plates brown. While they are drying, cut 6 feathers from the different color pieces of construction paper. Cut out the turkeys head from brown paper and the “waddle” from red paper. Once the turkeys body has dried, glue the feathers onto the inside of one of the plates. Glue or staple the paper plates together. Take and cut about a 2 inch piece of the paper towel tube to make a holder. ( You can either paint this brown, or paste brown paper around it. ) Take and cut a slit down 2 sides of the tube about 1/2 inch long. Insert the bottom of the turkey into the slits. These made great centerpieces for the kids to take home with them for their Thanksgiving table.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.