Thanksgiving Curriculum Ideas

In celebration of November and Thanksgiving we filled our sensory table with several types of Dried Beans, split peas, Squirrel food, and all kinds of funnels and measuring items. The Squirrel food comes with dried corn actually on the cob, and the kids love picking it off and adding it to the table. When the cobs are empty we use them for corn cob painting. This is a great activity, and the table is clear so it looks quite nice in the classroom!

Instead of having your children decorate feathers for a bulletin board cut out the feather shape and send it home for the children to decorate with their parents. This way, you get a wide range of designs.

Make A Thankfulness Bag.

Get a brown paper lunch bag. On the front, make a picture of a turkey holding a sign that says “Made by:” with a spot for the child’s name.

On the inside are 2 pieces of paper. One says:

Thank you for your loving care And the kindness that you share, For helping me to learn and grow, And showing me all that you know. That’s why I just want to say, “THANK YOU” in the biggest way!

On the second sheet is:

Thankfulness Bag Ingredients 1. A rubber band – to keep our hearts tied together always 2. A candy kiss – to say thank you for all your love. 3. A penny – to say thank you for sharing my thoughts and letting me know they are important to you. 4. A warm fuzzy (small piece of furry fabric) – to make you feel good when you are sad, like you always do for me. 5. An adhesive bandage – to say thank you for all the times you make my hurts feel better. 6. A facial tissue – to say thank you for all the times you dry my tears. 7. A piece of Lifesavers candy – a circle to show that my love for you will never end.

Have all these items on hand for the children to put in their thankfulness bags

During Thanksgiving I put a cornucopia on my bulletin board and I bring in the theme about the Fruits of the Spirit. ( Found in Galatians) At the end of the cornucopia I have fruits that I copied on different color paper or have the children color them and then write on each fruit what they are thankful for. On the cornucopia itself, I write the Fruits of the Spirit. Its a great way for kids to remember what they are thankful for.

A Turkey out of a Clay Pot

Take a 3 inch clay pot. Sponge paint it with brown acrylic paint. Then take yellow foam and make a beak and red foam to make a wattle and feet. Glue wiggle eyes on the rim of the pot. Then glue the beak, wattle, & feet. Then take craft foam and stick it in the pot with some raffia or moss. The take Dum Dum or Tootsie Roll suckers and those are the feathers. Have fun!!

I teach Pre-K and they enjoy learning about Native Americans. I buy (Dollar Store 3 for $5.oo)Men’s t-shirts. I cut the arms and around the bottom to look like fringe, then I tea stain them and dry them in the dryer to set it in. We then decorate them with handprint turkeys and Native American symbols. Each child comes up with their own Indian name which is written on the back in permanent marker to easily tell whose is whose. It is a great idea and Grandma loves it when they wear them to Thanksgiving dinner.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.