Thanksgiving Curriculum Ideas

I draw a large turkey on white sheet paper, thus we have a colorless turkey, during circle time the children receive a feather, colors are called out and children glue on their feathers for a bright colored turkey. Children love this activity and are learning colors.

Hand and Feet Turkey Trace child’s 2 feet on brown paper. Cut out and glue at heel so the feet fan at toes. Trace green, yellow, red, blue and orange hand prints for the feathers. Cut out 3 orange prints and one of the others. Glue one orange hand on either side of turkey for wings. Fan the other five hands and glue them behind brown feet (turkey’s body) Add eyes, nose, feet and waddle. Write the date on the back of the turkey to see how much the child has grown next Thanksgiving.

I have long given up on the big Thanksgiving classroom feast. Instead, we have a sharing feast where each child brings a small amount of food to share. This year, the most fun came with the “pretend” feast. We decided early on that the children would be the Native Americans and the teachers would be the pilgrims. Once the Native Americans were dressed in their costumes, they role played. I hung our big parachute from the ceiling and shaped it into a teepee (duct tape at the bottom was a big help). We gave them plastic food on the floor (grown in the fields); a boat and fishing poles; round laundry baskets turned upside down with red, yellow, and orange pompoms underneath – for the grill and fire; pots, pans, and utensils; and most importantly, a bowl of corn meal. They cooked up a feast, made a mess and had a ball!

I got this idea from Mailbox. It is a bulletin board idea. Use a turkey body and face and make his feather out of your children’s feet and hands. Two hand and one foot for each feather. Paint each hand in paint and put on brown paper ( like brown grocery bags ) and do the same with one foot. arrange each “feather” around the turkey body.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.