Thanksgiving Curriculum Ideas

Turkeys are not easy to come by for touching, but feathers at the sensory table shouldn’t be too hard to conjure up.

When the holiday is over, what do you do with all of those window clings? Laminate a closed file folder then gently slit it open and cut it into two sheets. Hole punch the edge and insert it into your theme notebook. The clings stick to the laminated side but not to any other sides. Keeps it all together for next year!

For a bulletin board, I have a turkey head, body and legs. I give each child a pattern of a feather to decorate and I let them cut it out. These are 3 year olds who are learning to cut. The feathers look so cute with all the snips and cut off pieces. I put all the feathers around the body.

“Making Gravy”- In the water play tub, add plastic ladles, turkey basters, plastic gravy boats, measuring cups, etc. You could also color the water brown with the children. Let the fun begin as they stir, mix and pour the “gravy”.

I saw this once – another teacher had done it, I’ve copied it every since!

Gather old ties, in various sizes and colors, staple them in a fan shape in the middle of your board, layering them to look like tail feathers, the more the better. Last, staple a turkey body with head on to the ties. It’s pretty impressive when you finish up the board with other fall decorations, pumpkins, etc.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.