Thanksgiving Art and Crafts

Using Model Magic make a ball the size of an orange. Add color to it by drawing on it with marker and mashing it in. This gives it a marbleized affect. Stick a small wooden spoon (found in craft stores) in one end of the ball and 5 colored feathers into the other end. Add detail to the spoon to make a face. This make a cute table decoration. It’s a turkey!

Potato turkeys will make kids proud and parents smile. Very simple, but a little work on your part… each child gets a potato. cut out small colorful feathers from construction paper and have children glue two (facing each other) onto toothpicks. once dry, stick the other end of the toothpicks into the back of the potato. You can make a head with waddle the same way and have them put googly eyes on before they stick them in. These are really great and give kids a chance to feel artistic and successful.

This a great family project or preschoolers it love too!! Draw two corn cob shapes onto white construction paper. Have children cut out the shapes. Pop 2 cups of popcorn. (Children love to eat the popcorn, so make a little extra) Staple top of cobs together, spread bottom apart. Put red, yellow, and brown dry tempra paint into 3 different zip lock bags. Put small amount of popcorn into each bag, and shake until desired color. Put dots of glue all over the corn cobs and place popcorn onto the glue. Staple real corn husks to the top of corn cobs. These make beautiful table or window decorations!!

Pumpkin Turkeys

This is similar to the potato turkey, but we use the tiny gourd pumpkins. Have the children punch holes on one side of the pumpkin ( about 6 or 7)with a small nail. Push feathers in the holes. next, out of construction paper make a head shape, beak and waddler. Glue together and tape or staple to front of pumpkin (glue doesn’t work well). Attach wiggle eyes and poke one hole on each side and poke in feathers for wings. CUTE! We use them to decorate our table settings.

Turkey Door Hangers

Using brown construction paper have children cut out Turkey shapes or provide them for the children. Cut a hole (the size of a door knob) in the turkey’s tummy. Provide feathers or feather cut outs to be glued onto the backside of the turkey. Provide facial features for the children to glue on. A cute saying printed on a small piece of paper glued to a toothpick (to make a sign) “I’ve lost my stuffing” (Glue or tape to side of turkey) For extra stability use Bristol board instead of construction paper.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.