Thanksgiving Art and Crafts

“In step with Thanksgiving!” For wall mural or individual purposes: Draw outline of Turkey, side view. Take old, used shoes, have paper plates of tempra ready for dipping. After the kids have colored in their Turkeys, have them take the shoes, dip in paint, and press paint for Turkey feathers. This is adorable as a bullitan board or can be laminated and made into placemats for Thanksgiving.

We love painting at the for Thanksgiving, we make turkeys. The children make a big brown “peanut” shapes and peach bird legs. Then we put on BIG google eyes and peach fun foam for the beak. I cut them out and for the feathers, I use that wide paper ribbon in big loops (six) stapled out of the back. I use brick red, natural, and cream. That twisty ribbon is great, but it takes forever to untwist. The turkeys turn out really cute.

Cut feather shapes from sponges. Be sure to vary the size and include the small stem on the end. Use these to sponge paint with fall colors on large sheets of paper. The children enjoy filling up whole pages with bright feathery colors!

Multi-colored Turkey hand

Paint the child’s palm brown and then paint each finger using one color for each finger: red, green, yellow, and orange. Have child press hand on piece of paper. After the paint dries you can add the eye, beak, and that little red dangle thing under the beak.

Keepsake version: Instead of using paper and tempra paint use fabric paint and have kids press on a piece of cloth that you trimmed the edges with zig-zig scissors. Write “Thanksgiving 1997” on the bottom to make a craft that is colorful and keepable!!!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.