Thanksgiving Art and Crafts

Native American Vests

Have children choose a Native American name to use in the classroom during the course of study relating to Native Americans (ie Dancing Raccoon, Little Bear, Pretty Flower). Using markers and t-shirt paint, have children illustrate their name on burlap vests. Native American symbols can also be used to decorate the vests. Burlap that is purchased by the yard works great. Simply cut the doubled burlap into 12″ pieces and make an opening for the child’s head.

Cut out a turkey body from brown construction paper or tag board. Then let the students use fabric, wall paper samples, construction paper, glitter, sequins, and other craft items to dress their turkey for Thanksgiving. After their turkey is dressed, they can dictate a story about how Mr. Turkey convinced the family not to eat him for Thanksgiving dinner.

Send home a pattern of a turkey with your kiddo’s. Invite the child’s family to decorate the turkey with glitter, macaroni, feathers, paint, sequins, etc. When you get them back display them with pride! Give an award to each family such as Most Colorful, Silliest Turkey, Yummiest Turkey, etc.

Take an uncooked potato and have children insert feathers on one side being careful to choose the feathers with the firmest “stem”. Glue on wiggle eyes. Use red felt for a “gobble’. Fold yellow or orange diamond shape cutout to make beak.. Insert 4 toothpicks in bottom half to make him stand. CUTE CUTE CUTE! Parents and kids love them. Experiment with materials.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.