Thanksgiving Art and Crafts

For a terrific Thanksgiving display, create a large turkey outline in center of bulletin board. For the “feathers”, use different shoes dipped in paint making prints upwards from the turkey. Use bold colors-reds, purples, oranges. Finish the bulletin board by adding the gobbler, beak & face to your turkey. Add a pilgrim hat on top. Bulletin board reads: We’re in Step for Thanksgiving! This is adorable!

for a variation on the napkin ring idea, have children roll their cut down toilet paper or paper towel rolls in Indian corn

For Thanksgiving, we made turkeys from small paper plates. We painted one plate brown. Then we staples half of another paper plate behind and toward the top of the painted plate. The children added small, crushed pieces of various colored tissue paper on the tail portion to give color. We then let them make their own head, waddle, feet with small scraps of construction paper. They then named their turkeys and we put them on our Turkey Farm. They were adorable.

Thanksgiving Table Cloth:

As many schools and classrooms prepare for their annual Thanksgiving Feast, add excitement to the big day by having the children decorate their very own tablecloth. Purchase a plain white paper tablecloth and the children can be creative using fall/Thanksgiving colors. As an idea, you can make turkey hands or just let the children have fun by inventing their own Thanksgiving creations!

Water down some tempera paint or use liquid water colors. Sharpen the end of a large feather and dip it in the paint to write as the Pilgrims did, with a turkey feather!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.