Thanksgiving Art and Crafts

Have an outline of a turkey pre-traced on white construction paper. Next have the children use markers to add ground and sky. They can also color in the turkey’s feet and an eye so he can see. Then use feather dusters dipped in yellow and brown paint to create a feathered look on the turkey. The feather dusters are great to use with little hands and they are very inexpensive. I usually ask my parents to donate a couple at the beginning of each year.

Placemats for Preschool Thanksgiving Feast. Have various Thanksgiving colored 8 1/2 x 11 construction paper. Using different colored paints ( red, green, yellow, brown, and orange) Dip a marble into the paint then roll the marble onto the paper inside a box to keep the marble from escaping. These make some beautiful, colorful, and unique placemats for the parents to eat on.

My four year old class made Placemats last year, they turned out so cute. I asked parents to send in a plain white, off white, (or even light yellow would work) placemat. (Dollar General $1 ea.) Then the children used their hands to print turkeys, also, I had a leaf stamp and Thanksgiving stickers, and silk, fall leaves. After they dried, I covered the placemats with contact paper. The children used them for our Thanksgiving Luncheon, the parents thought they were wonderful!

AGE: any OBJECTIVE: Students will create a collage of leaves, berries, and ribbon for a decoration for Christmas or Thanksgiving. MATERIALS: Dried berries, leaves, ribbon, glue, and form wreath. DIRECTIONS: 1) Have children glue pieces of berries, ribbon , and leaves on the wreath. 2) Children should fill all areas that are opened. 3) After completing wreath, child can give as a gift or the teacher could hang them around the room.

Name place-cards: Cut white or colored poster board into sizes approx. 3 x 2. Have the children write (or write for them) the name of each family member onto a card. When finished with each place card name have the children glue a BUGGEL brand chip (the kind that look like triangles) at an angle with the pointed end towards the side-top and the opened end at the middle bottom. Then glue approx. 3-4 RUNTS fruit shaped candies around the bottom of the opened Buggel chip. The shapes come in grapes, apples, banana and oranges. They look really cute, were simple and fast plus the children will have added something to the Thanksgiving table.

Another Indian corn idea…use a corn shape cutout of tag board. Cut fall colors of tisure paper into small square an inch or so. The children wad up small squares of tissue paper and glue it on the shape. Add twisted paper craft ribbon untwisted) for the husks. An easy but great fine motor activity and pretty too!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.