Thanksgiving Art and Crafts

Cut a turkey body out of brown construction paper and then glue this onto a large white paper. Put brown, yellow, red and orange paint onto paper plates. Have the children dip their hands into the paint and paint hand print turkey feathers for the tail. The more they layer their handprints the prettier to turkey.

Native American/ Thanksgiving Theme To support our discussion about Native Americans, my kindergarten classes made dream catchers out of paper plates. We discussed how the dream catchers let the good dreams through and would catch the bad dream. For the preparation, I had a parent volunteer help cut out the center of the paper plates and punch holes all around the inside perimeter. Then the children painted both sides of the plate. After the paint was dry, the children practiced weaving the yarn in and out of the holes until it created a web. The children related this to making a spider web. Afterwards, we punched three holes at the bottom of the plate. Here we placed a piece of yarn through each hole and taped the ends together with masking tape. Using the taped end, the children thread small beads onto the yarn and then slide a feather underneath the beads. This created a tight fit so the beads would not fall off. To hang them up, we punched a hole at the top and created a loop with yarn. The children really enjoyed this activity and couldn’t wait to share them with their family!

Thanksgiving Turkeys — To make a simple Thanksgiving Turkey, cut a simple outline of a turkey from brown construction paper. A profile of a turkey works best. Draw an eye on the turkey and the waddle. Then, with small scraps of colored tissue paper, make the feathers for the turkey. Take a square of tissue paper in your hand and insert the eraser from a pencil into the middle of the square. Twist the tissue paper around the eraser and dip into glue. Then glue the tissue paper onto the turkey cutout. Easy, and my three-year-old class loved doing it!

For Thanksgiving we decided to make a Thanksgiving tree. We made the trunk and limbs from brown paper bags, and stapled them to the bulletin board. After the kids had thought of some things they were thankful for, we cut them out of magazines and glued them to our tree. I liked it so much we had it up for about 6 months!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.