Teacher Appreciation Curriculum

Then the other was a candy gram – I used a clay pot – filled it with Styrofoam and then I put a die cut flower on the top. I printed out the candy grams and then put them on skewers. Then I cut the ends with decorative scissors and looks like flag. Then I added the item and stuck it in the pot. Added curling ribbon on the end of it. It looks really special. Turned out great. You can also use paint cans you can purchase from any paint store of Home Depot.

For teacher appreciation week this year, our director sent home a newsletter letting the parents know that it was a week to say thank you to their child’s teachers. In the letter, the director said that each day there was to be a different theme. On Monday, it was flower day. Tuesday was relaxing day which meant that any kind of bath soap, candles, body sprays or the like could be brought in. Wednesday was sweet day and any kind of yummy sweets could be brought. Thursday was note day. A day for the parents to write a note to their child’s teacher. Friday was a day to bring any kind of gift to the teacher. The turnout was great and the parents were excited to get to do this.

For my daughter’s preschool class I made her teacher a shirt and on it it said “My students walk all over me” and I had my daughter step all over the shirt with fabric paint. Inside the footsteps I wrote all her classmates names. Her teacher loved it and the class loved looking for their names.

I am a Preschool Director. Last year for my teachers I had a parent from each classroom volunteer to sit with the class while the teacher came to a nice meal away from the children. It lasted about 1 hour. We made the table very fancy. Each teacher had an apple candle that they got to keep that acted as part of the center piece. I also got gift certificates from some of the local restaurants. For those of you who don’t know…. You can ask them and many of the restaurants will donate gift certificates for teachers. Have a Great Teacher’s Appreciation Day!

Teacher’s Survival Kit MOUNDS: for the mounds of stuff you teach. CRAYON: to color your day. PEANUTS: to get a little nutty. BAND-AID: for when things get a little rough. MARBLES: to replace those you might loose from time to time. SPONGE: to soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full. PUZZLE PIECE: without you, things wouldn’t be complete. LIFESAVER: for when you’ve had one of those days. HUG & KISSES: to make everything all worthwhile. BATH SALTS: “to take you away” you deserve a quiet break. CUP: for when yours is overflowing.


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