Spring Science

SNAILS….. Collect live snails that have not been treated with snail bait in any way…..Put the snails on your science table in a large see through bowl with rocks, shells, and greenery. Observe….. Next day…..Keep the container there with the magnifying glasses…but place butcher block paper under the container and cover the table…..Children can eye dropper a drop of food colored water onto the paper and place a snail on top of the drop…stand back and watch the snail make a trail. It’s also fun to pretend that 3 or 4 snails are having a race on the paper. Put the paper up on the board and label it The Snails Did This!

We have started one of the butterfly Gardens that you can buy in the science store or some preschool catalogs. It is a HUGE hit. We have only had them for two weeks, and they have tripled in size, they are spinning all kinds of “silk’ that the kids like to call cob webs. It is amazing! I highly recommend it as a science activity!

Take a large sponge…get wet and squeeze out excess water. Cover with grass seed and then water. The kids will have fun doing this. I take photos of the children preparing and keep camera on hand to “watch” progress w/ children looking on. Put sponge on a plate (or similar) for water leakage.

Although this idea is not originally mine, I actually borrowed it from the April issue of Parent Life magazine, my children enjoy this greatly!! You cut several small butterfly shapes from various colors of construction paper. You then slip paper clips onto the “butterflies”, and tie strings of various sizes onto the paper clip. Affix the “butterfly to the wall in your classroom, and have available magnets for play. You can make the butterflies fly with magnetism. If you get the right pull, you can make them fly without having the magnet touching. I created a spring wall adding grass, flowers, caterpillars & completed with flying bees( made in the same fashion). It has been hours of fun!!! “Everything God made is beautiful” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

We ordered caterpillars from Insect Lore on-line store and are eagerly awaiting the metamorphosis that will soon take place.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.