Spring Curriculum

Paper Plate Bee: Take a big white cheap paper plate and staple to it a little paper plate that is cut in 1/2 (bee’s head.) Then trace wings for the child to cut out and glue on, and have black antennas already cut. Then the child can color yellow and black.

spring art – daffodil. Supplies needed are paper cupcake liners, yellow and green construction paper (plus an individual sheet of colored construction paper for each child, if making individual flower), scissors, and glue. The teacher needs to make the middle of the daffodil by cutting small strips of one-inch yellow paper. Then cutting 1/8 inch tiny strips on one end. This is to fold over in order to glue to the paper cupcake liner. Teacher also needs to make daffodil leaves and stems on green paper for students to cut out. Teacher decides if flower is to go on class bulletin board, or made individually. If made individually, then let each child choose a color background sheet of construction paper. Give each child a paper cupcake liner, a yellow middle to glue inside the paper cupcake liner, and green leaves and stem to cut out. After the students cut out the leaves and stem, they glue their flower together. It makes a nice 3-D Daffodil.

Spring has sprung! Take strips of brown paper bags. Ask the children to arrange their thumbprints onto the strips to form “buds”. Assemble the tree by using more brown bags for the trunk and arranging the thumbprint strips as branches. At the base of the bulletin board, give the children rectangle pieces of paper. Have they make thumbprints of pink, yellow and purple. Place a green painted Popsicle stick in the middle of the thumbprints as a stem and viola, you have hyacinths! For tulips, have the child print their hand onto the paper and add a green colored stick underneath.

March Wind Project Need: empty paper towel roll for each child paint and paint brushes assorted colors of tissue paper stapler

students paint paper towel roll any way they desire – let it dry teacher cuts long strips of different colored tissue paper student choices color and/or colors of tissue paper teacher staples tissue paper strips together at one end of paper towel roll. teacher saves for a very windy March day and let kids take on the playground. My kids always love this project.

For a spring bulletin board, i used ” Give Spring a Hand” the children traced their closed hands onto pastel spring colors. A variation of this is to use white finger paint paper and have the children use water colors to paint their hands. The closed hands look like tulips. I put them on the board and use green stems to complete the flower. Also, i trace the children’s open hands and use them all together for the sun.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.