Spring Curriculum

Spring time Sensory Table I have placed potting soil in my sensory table. Fake flowers, shovels, hand rakes, flower pots and a watering can add to the fun! Keep a towel nearby to wipe messy hands! The kids love it and when we are through, we will use the soil to plant.

For a season bulletin board, we cut out a large frog almost the size of the whole bulletin board and drew small lily pads and cut out. Then you put a dark blue paper on bottom of bulletin board and lighter blue on the top for the “sky”. Then you have pipe cleaners (about 12) and wind them so that they look like springs, you attach to back of large frog and put on the middle of the bulletin board…”Spring Into FUN!”

Spring Counting Book: Make the cover any color, and then make one page for each thing. 1 Ladybug, 2 butterflies, 3 spiders, 4 bees, 5 flowers. You can add more depending on the age of your children. We have 4’s and 5’s and they drew pictures in the books. You could also have cut outs for them to glue.

Name Caterpillars: Provide the children with a big sheet of construction paper. Next you will need construction paper squares that are 4″ and tag board circles for the children to trace. They will make a circle for each letter in their name and then write the letters in their name on each circle. Then glue in place and draw all the extra’s on the paper.

Trace butterflies on white construction paper. Provide lots of little tissue paper squares for the children to glue on. Looks real pretty when done!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.