Spring Art

TP Roll Windsocks My 3, 4 & 5-yr-olds enjoyed attaching stickers and strips of tissue paper to empty toilet paper rolls to make windsocks for the Spring breezes. I provided them with 2 holes punched ready to insert lengths of yarn for hanging and helped tie the knots for younger 4s.

For spring in my 2-year old class, I made large flowers out of construction paper and put them on the walls with clear contact paper. What made these flowers special is that I measured each child and hung their flower at their height. I used green construction paper for a stem that went from their height, to the floor. On the center of the flowers I wrote the child’s name and height. It worked out really well for me because I tied it into our “growing things” theme. I explained to the class that flowers and children are both growing things. Everyone loved it and it really brightened up my room.

wind catchers take one small empty strawberry basket that you buy strawberries in. cut long strips of land surveyor tape (comes in bright colors, pink, yellow or green) and tie the strips all around the top of the basket. Turn basket upside down and tie one stripe about 12″ long in a loop shape in the middle for a handle. hang your art work outside in an airy place and watch it fly around.

This is a great spring (or wishing for spring) activity. Give each child a tree made out of stiff paper. Pop a batch of plain popcorn and place it in a bag or bucket with red or pink powder paint. Shake it until all off the popcorn is pink then have the children decorate their trees and turn them into beautiful blossom trees!
Make sure that you do this activity with older children (4 and 5’s).

In the Spring we make flowers with our hands and feet. This is a great craft for Mother’s Day. First I cut long, narrow strips of green paper and glue it on a large piece of large construction paper for our stem. Then I have them take off their shoes and I brush green paint on the bottom of their feet. They carefully step onto the large piece of construction paper, heels together and feet pointed at an angle. At the base of the green stem.) I then make a flower at the top of the green stem by brushing their hand with paint and make several handprints to form a flower. We place a photo of the children in the center of their flower and the mother’s love them.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.