Spring Art

Have the children either trace each others feet, or you trace them. Have them cut it out and make sure the feet are still together. Then have them glue craft sticks in the middle. They can color in their feet, and also glue on wiggly eyes. Presto! A butterfly.

Trace a stem and two leaves onto the green construction paper let children cut shapes out Fold the white paper in half and let children put blobs of tempra on one side. Refold the paper and let the children squish the paper together. You want to get the paint to cover most of the paper. After the paint dries ( the next day) trace 4 hearts onto the unpainted side of the whit paper. the children will cut out the hearts and put the stem and leaves together to make a flower.

Spring Kites: Give each child two same-size pieces of square paper and allow them to fingerpaint. After the paint has dried, staple the papers together with painted sides to the outside. Punch a hole in one corner and attach thread for hanging. Punch a hole in the opposite corner to attach a “tail” made from either knotted fabric strips or crepe paper. We hung these from the ceiling and they were a beautiful, colorful way to bring Spring inside!

This is one of my all time favorite spring art ideas. It is a spring butterfly. I start by mixing 3+ colors of paint with white to make pastels. I then “talk” my children into taking off their socks and shoes. I then paint their feet, using splotches of colors here and there to make all colors on their feet. Remembering to use this time to ask such questions as “How does the paint brush feel on your feet?”, or “Does the paint feel hot or cold on your feet?”. We then place our feet about 1 inch apart onto a piece of white construction paper. When they are dry, we glue a “Y” shaped piece of black construction paper into the middle to create a butterfly!!! “Look at the wonderful things God made” (Job 37:14).

Caterpillar on a Leaf.

Cut a leaf shapes out of different shades of green construction paper. Have different colored pom-poms (the ones about the size of a penny) Have the children glue on about eight pom-poms onto what ever color leaf they chose. They now have their caterpillar on a leaf.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.