Spring Art

We add silk flowers, flowerpots and different containers to our play dough area when working on the themes spring and gardening. The kids get a kick out of planting their flowers again and again and the play dough holds the silk flowers nicely.

Make yellow daffodils out of cupcake holders. Cut out green stems and leaves. have the children cut out yellow flower . Paste yellow cupcake holder in the middle. Cute and easy.

Our class loves to make windsocks. We take colored sandwich bags and let each child choose a color. Then they cut the bottoms off of the bag. Then the children decorate the bags with markers, sequins, buttons, etc. After their bag is decorated, two holes are punched in the tops and yarn or string is placed in the holes to make a hanger for the windsock. Then have the children glue, staple, or tape streamers to the opposite end of their windsock. When it is all dry, you can hang them in your room or outside your class window so the children can watch their windsocks blow in the breeze.

Make flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners. layer tissue paper so you have at least three layers fold it like you would a fan. Place a pipe cleaner in the middle and twist. Now pull the paper apart and shape like a flower. Use strawberry baskets to make may baskets and fill with the tissue flowers. Or you can use a vase (empty soda bottle) Give as a May day gift to someone you love.

This is a great spring or Easter idea. Take a box that is about a inch or two high. Then take craft sticks and paint them white and glue them all around the outside of the box. Should look like a white picket fence. Then add Easter grass in the box which can be glued down if you so choose. Then add a scenery to your box trees, Winnie the pooh or perhaps something else your into such as chicka chicka boom boom letters and the coconut tree. Then if you wish you can add wrapped candy to share with the children later and or if your doing it at home add colored hard boiled eggs. Remember to allow your preschoolers to paint the fence and glue down the grass and color their scenery whatever that may be that they would like to glue in the box. I hope you all enjoy making this scenery with your preschoolers and or children. Have fun be creative.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.