Spring Art

A fellow teacher shared this idea with me. She pulled off a 6 foot section of white paper from the large roll on our wall. She folded it in two length wise and put it on our table. Then she took out paper plate holders that look like flowers. The kids were given paint and used the holders like stencils. When they had all done at least one flower and they were dried, the teacher opened up the paper and added stems and leaves and put it up on our wall. Really cute!

I found this idea out of a Mailbox Magazine. On a long piece of butcher paper dip had in brown paint and using handprints make a tree. Use green for the leaves. Have each child choose a color and paint their hands and make a print with their thumbs together to resemble a butterfly. Use some hands to make tulips by making a handprint with all the fingers together. Write each child’s name by their contribution and add additional details like antennas and leaves etc. The caption is “Hands Up For Spring” The kids had a great time doing this and everyone commented on how cute it was!

Use cut flowers as stampers. Dip flower into paint-just a little. Print onto paper. I found daisies work well, but try whatever happens to be growing. This makes great stationery.

To make really neat butterflies Take a sheet of white paper fold it down the center put a drop of paint in the center. then put a different color in next to it on one half fold and smash make sure to really spread the paint all over the paper they make really neat butterflies!

Butterfly Art

Materials: Bucket of Water 1-2 Colors of Paint Black Marker Construction Paper

This is a very fun activity, the kids love to make pictures with their feet!! ūüôā

Have each child take off their socks and shoes…paint the bottom of the child’s feet, have him/her stand up on the construction paper and make their foot prints…after the paint dries, draw a small body between the feet prints and antennas…this is lots of fun, yes it can be messy…but the kids really enjoy it!

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.