Spring Art

Cherry Blossoms:

I have used this idea with kids of all ages and it is a lot of fun. Supplies: bright pink const. paper, green food dye, straws, glue, different shades of pink and fuchsia tissue paper cut in small squares.

Put a few small drops of green food dye at bottom of pink paper. Have children blow with a straw up and over a little left and right to create a pretty shaped branch with lots of twigs. Then take the tissue squares and pinch in the middle and glue on like a blossom along the green stems, remembering to get some on the ends of the twigs. Really beautiful on your wall and to send home. (you can also use white paper and then staple or glue to a larger pink construction paper)

Cut off the top part of a stalk of celery leaving about 3-4 inches of stalk. Use the cut side of the stalk to make a “stamp” for paint. It will make the most incredible “rose” you have ever seen. The children used the stalks of celery to make the stems and then added the “roses”. They are beautiful!!


We did this in my son’s class room. Not sure I can describe how many items are used but until you balance it you would get the idea.


Colored paper clips

Colored straw

6 die cut shapes

Use your first straw and slip on 3 paper clips (center and one on each end). Face the one in the center up and the ends down.

On for the right side and another paper clip and hand the next straw. Same fashion you will need on the left side of it one clip going down with an image. Two from the center with an image, 3 down on the right hand side with an image.

Now the left side – you will do 5 paper clips down – then a straw with one on each end and there will be a die cut on each end. The center will be two paper clips and a die cute.

We did them in all different colors – each child’s image was the same. So one child got a flower, one got a lady bug (but each of their images were a different colors).

They were so colorful hanging up in the room. The die cuts minus the lady bug were plants and animals and each child had a different one – no two the same.

For a lovely spring idea, fold a white piece of construction paper into thirds. Then, write the phrase “Thumbody Loves You!” on the top. Underneath that, draw a 5-petaled flower with stem and leaves. Paint the children’s thumb and place it in the center of the flower. Allow them to color and take home when dry! Works great as a book mark! Or… if you want them to work on motor skills using glue, pre-cut the flower, stem and two leaves, allow them to glue to the construction paper. Use the thumb as the center of the flower and you’ll have a beautiful and motor-skilled oriented spring activity!

What a nice way to keep track of growing children and to help celebrate the arrival of Spring. In the center I work in our staff like to do lots of hand and foot print art for our Moms and Dads. A special favorite is Flowers. We dip the child’s hand in paint and make that the bud or flower and then use their feet for the leaves at the base of the flower. Then just draw a green stem and it is a piece or art that parents or grand-parents will cherish forever. Please try to remember to date the back or bottom corner so parents have a date to refer back to.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.