Spider Songs

I taught the kids La Arana (The Spanish word for spiders) for the ones were afraid of spiders. We did the itsy bitsy spider and the great big spider. I heard you can do a tired spider, etc.

Their favorite was the Spider on the floor! to the tune of Farmer in the Dell.

There’s a Spider on the floor, on the floor.

There’s a spider on the floor on the floor.

Oh, who could ask for more, than a spider on the floor.

There’s a Spider on the floor, on the floor.

(Now you get the idea for the other verses)

Shoe, Oh, isn’t it a zoo?

Knee, Oh, it’s as big as me!

Hip, I think I’m gonna flip!

Tummy,Gee, it’s just so funny!

Chest, Isn’t it the best?

Back, I’m never gonna lack.

Arm, It won’t do any harm.

Neck, Oh, what the heck.

Face, Big disgrace.

Head, Did you hear what I said?

Now he jumped off!

(Start the song again!)

Children and teacher hold stuffed spider behind backs and recite: Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey…along came a spider (take spider from behind back and bring to front) and SAT (plop spider down on floor) and (hide quickly behind back) frightened Miss Muffet away! sing: Where’s my spider, where’d he go, where’s my spider, where’d he go, where’s my spider, where’d he go, oh no he’s on my toe (and place spider on toe) (tune of skip to my lou). Once spider is on toe, sing a scale from low do to high do placing spider on various body parts so children get the idea of an ascending scale (toe, knee, tummy, etc). Then do a descending scale ending with the spider on toe, then we kick it off at the very end. Afterwards, we sing the itsy bitsy spider using the spider itself to make the movements with its legs. The kids love this and it is musically educational as well.

Spider Legs (Chant):

One, two, three, four

Spider legs — we need some more!

Five, six, seven, eight,

Every spider has eight!

When I did a unit on spiders and insects, I put a length of rubber rain gutter in the water table and placed a plastic spider in it. Using a child sized pitcher, the children poured the water through, washing the spider out while singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” ! They loved it!!!


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