Spider Art

Put store-bought spider webbing in the sensory table and add spiders, (I cut them off spider rings) The children can enjoy the feel of the spider webbing as well as find, count and play with the spiders.

For our door decorations, I put a white background and drew a black spider web then the preschoolers made spiders. Our title was “Just A Spinning”.

Take toilet paper tubes and cut eight slits on one end about l inch long. This will make eight legs. Bend them a little so they will flatten out. Dip the tube into black paint and press on white paper. Remind toddlers to use the up and down motion to make spider prints.

Let toddlers paint two Styrofoam balls black. The teacher can hot glue them together, when dry have the kids stick 8 pipe cleaners into the spider. Add googly eyes and hang from the ceiling.

Paint the toddlers hands black and press them heel to heel with the fingers spread out. This makes a very cute spider.


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