Spider Art

After reading “The Very Busy Spider” we made spiders. I cut from cardboard egg cartons the body which consisted of two sections. The children then painted the spider bodies. We attached legs using pipe cleaners and then glued on eyes and hung them from the ceiling!

Spider Hats Provide each child with 1 2 inch wide strip of black construction paper that will fit around his head. Staple ends together. Cut 8 one inch strips of black v-construction for each child. Children glue 8 legs around the hat. ( This year I put an x on the spots where the legs should be glued.) Bend legs in half after they have dried. Cut 2 large circles for the spider’s eyes. Glue to the front portion of the hat. Kids love wearing these hats.

I usually do a week on spiders and for the bulletin board, I put up black construction paper for the background, and make a spider web out of yarn. I also have the children make spiders out of egg cartons. After the egg cartons have dried, I put them up randomly over the web.

In Oct. My class made the cutest spiders/spider webs. First let children color 6 popsicle sticks with markers. We then glued the ends of the small sticks to finally make a hexagon shape. We then made spiders by twisting 4 chenille stems in the middle and gluing a pom-pom on the top. We also put googly eyes on it and attached a piece of yarn to make the spider hanging from the web. On the hexagon, stretch and/or glue “glow-in-the-dark” spider web which is in stores during Halloween. Glue a yarn loop at the top of the hexagon so the child can hang it somewhere in their home. These turn out so cute. This project may take two days to complete, but 4 and 5-year-olds can do “most” of it on their own and they love the results. They usually need help making the hexagon shape, that’s all.


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