Spider Art

My co-teacher and I came up with this one together. She made spiders with them, while I made the webs with them. We teach 3 & 4 yr old preschool.

Spiders: She prepared styrofoam balls by heating a knife and cutting them in half. Each child got half a styrofoam ball to paint and 8 1″ or 2″ pieces of pipe cleaner to stick on the sides for legs, and added wiggle eyes.

Web. I had a black piece of paper cut in a circular or oval shape put in a flat box. I put silver and white paint in the box, with some marbles. The children tilted the box to roll the marbles, and stopped when it looked like a spider web.

When both the spiders and webs were dry we glued the spiders on the webs.

I do a spider theme a couple weeks before Halloween, but this would work well if you do spiders and bugs in the spring as well– In Eric Carle’s book The Very Busy Spider, the spider web pictures are raised from the page, so that you can feel them. We laid white paper over the page and did a “web rubbing” with a gray crayon. Then we put fingerprint spiders in our webs (thumbprint for the body, pinky finger for the head, and legs drawn on with a marker). They came out very cute, and since the kids enjoyed the book, they loved how they could create something that looked like the pictures in the book!

Spider Print- Have the children make a fist. On the palm side of the fist paint it black and let the child stamp their painted fist onto a piece of white paper. Open the fist up. Paint all the fingers but the thumb! Let child put the finger prints on either side of the fist print. (this is the legs) Using their thumbs let them place two thumb prints on the spider. They have created a great holiday art project that not only they will love but the parents can keep to remember their little hands.

Paper plate spiders.

Use black paper plates or have children paint them black. Give children googly eyes and wrinkled construction paper legs. Let them glue their eyes and legs onto the plate. Punch a hole and hang from the ceiling.

Spider webs: Cut black construction paper to fit inside a round cake pan (or you can use a square or rectangle pan and cut a circle out later). Place the paper in the pan. Dip a marble in white paint and place in the pan. Let the children tip the pan back and forth so that the marble rolls, making a paint trail that looks like a web. You can sprinkle with glitter while the paint is wet. My preschoolers loved making these. We also glued a plastic spider to the webs. Great for Halloween or an insect theme.

Here’s a neat idea the children really love. Use plastic spiders to paint with! Put the spiders on a tray of paint and let the children dip them in and make prints on construction paper. The design that it makes look great!


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