Spider Art

The Very Busy Spider

Paper plate web (Terri told me about this). For older children or small classes of 4 yr olds, you can cut slits in paper plates or hole punch them, then tie or tape the yarn to the plate. The 3-4 yr olds are better off glueing on the yarn (Hindsight after my group of 12). Add a ball of paper or a pom pon, wiggley eyes, and legs (pipe cleaners cut up).

I got a 3 & 4 yr old to do it, but that was a class of 3, so I helped a lot.

You print a decent sized spider on a peice of 8 1/2 by 11″ construction paper and then you have the dhildren fill the spider in by glueing black beans inside using red beans for the eyes or mouth and other beans for the eyes and then you have a cute spider with a “Happy Hallo-bean”

Milk Cap Spiders

Paint the caps black, using acrylic craft paint. Dry. Glue on black pipe cleaner legs and add wiggly eyes. Bend pipe cleaners to look like legs and feet.

After reading The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, we make webs with glue! Take a 1/2 sheet of brown construction paper and notch out the corners and sides with scissors, making it look like a fence. Teachers add the look of a fence with markers connecting the sides Keep the inside of the paper intact and let the kids use glue to spin a web on the inside. Good for kids who have good glue control, tell them to make it with thin lines. Allow the glue to dry overnight and the next day have the children put their spider on it, using their thumbprint and adding legs to it. It makes a great texture art. The webs have been spectacular!


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