Soup Preschool Theme

Soup Preschool Theme

Soup Preschool Theme

Soup Preschool Theme ideas for toddlers through second grade.

Glue alphabet cereal into a paper bowl.  This reinforces the letter “s” for soup.


Slop Goes the Soup – Pamela Edwards
Mean Soup – Betsy Everitt
Soup for Supper – Phyllis Root

(To the Tune of: “The Farmer in the Dell”)

We’re making veggie soup,
We’re making veggie soup.

Stir the pot, it’s getting hot,
We’re making veggie soup.

Other verses: First we add the broth, first we add the broth, stir the pot it’s getting hot,
We’re cooking veggie soup!

(Add different veggies to the verses too.)

To start our toddler year we took pictures of each child.  I then printed a large soup can shape for each child. I pasted their pictures in the middle of the label.  Then I added their soup cans to a bulletin board and titled it TODDLERS ARE “SOUP”ER!!

Draw a large circle on a white sheet of paper. Depending on your age group, have the children draw silverware around their bowl. Ask the children what kind of soup they would like, and then color the inside of the bowl that color. (i.e. Tomato–red. Chicken–yellow.) Next, ask the children what they would like in their bowl of soup. You can glue real soup crackers on. Or use a cereal that has letters, or use stickers, for an alphabet soup. Stickers and cutouts would work well for this or use your imagination. Glitter may be used as spices. Happy soup tasting!

Soup Preschool Theme

Soup Preschool Theme ideas for toddlers through second grade.


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  • Markie February 3, 2018 at 1:40 pm Reply

    The theme is Soup

    Mean Soup by Betsy Everitt

    Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert

    Talk about types of soup…what goes into soup.

    Sing the ABC song since Alphabet soup is my favorite.

    Give children bowls to glue all of the things that they want to go into their bowl of soup

    cut out some things ahead of time and have some old magazines available for them to cut out some things as well.

    The will have a bowl with all types of yummy food glued to it as a reminder of the fun they had talking about soups.

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