Sensory Art

I saw this idea at a playgroup for 2 year olds. It is perfect for the younger preschoolers who don’t like to get their fingers sticky with glue or paste. Using cupboard liner/mac-tac, cut off a length of a few feet. Tape this piece, sticky side facing out onto a wall in your center. Then, provide the children with feathers, cut out shapes, scraps of yarn, etc. and let them stick them on for a mural made by them 🙂

For the 5 senses theme, my 2-year old class made “Smelly Flowers”. We took cupcake liners and glued them on construction paper. Then we glued several cotton balls into the middle of the liners. We drew green stems and let each child sprinkle their cotton balls with perfume. The project was very inexpensive. We used perfume samples from local department stores. The kids loved it! Not only did their flowers look pretty, but they really smelled good too!

For teaching the senses:

Have the children cut out a shape of a Mr. / Mrs. Potato Head. Attached a pompom that has been dipped in cinnamon for the nose. For the mouth, add mini chocolate chips or mini marshmallows. Add ears out of sand paper. Add leather feeling fabric for hands/feet. For the eyes you can use wiggly eyes or foam eyes. Put it all together and you have a “sense”ible idea:)

Make an art project that uses all five senses! Give each child a large piece of finger paint paper. Place a “glop” of chocolate pudding on the paper and let them finger paint! Write their words as they play! They say amazing things…and they can feel, smell, see, taste and hear this gooey experience!!

During our 5 senses week we make scratch and sniff art. It’s easy. All you do is mix glue with Kool-aid packets. Have the children use paint brushes and paint onto white paper plates. The projects are not only colorful, but they smell great.

Make cleaning the desks or tables a sensory experience by letting the children “finger paint” with shaving cream. They’ll have fun, your room will smell good and your tables will be clean. It’s also a nice ice breaker for those that don’t want to finger paint because they don’t think it’s fun to get your hands gooey.



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