Religious Christmas Games

Gather the pieces of your classroom Nativity set. Place them on a tray and have the children close their eyes. Remove one of the pieces and have the children see if they can figure out which piece is missing. After the missing piece is discovered, talk about its significance in the Nativity. For example, if you remove the angel, ask the children what the angels did that we remember at Christmas time. My children love to ‘play’ this game and by using the pieces of the Nativity it will reinforce the message of the Christmas Story.

Upon returning from Christmas break, I had all the children sit on one side of the room. We had talked before Christmas about how long the journey was for the wise men and that Jesus was not in the stable when they finally reached him. We talked about them following the star. I have three wooden carved wise men that we pass around and look at, then I have divided my room into 2 areas. We talk about following the star, so to keep the children moving but also understanding, I have two flashlights that I shine on the floor or walls. Two children at a time, each in an area, are to either step on the light or touch the light with their hand. The idea is to keep them moving but also understanding the concept of following the star. Those children waiting their turn can be the cheerleaders. Be careful that you keep the 2 lights far from each other so the children don’t bump.

A version of “duck duck..goose”

Instead, after discussing the birth of Jesus use Happy, Happy, Birthday as your words to this fun game for all ages.

Follow the Road Game.

Before you start class, cut out several circles from construction paper. Draw happy faces on them. Also, map out a long winding road around your room by putting masking tape on the floor. Lay the happy faces in various spots along the “road”. Have the children play “Follow the Leader” as they “go to see baby Jesus.” Each time the leader comes to a happy face, they should hold it up. Everyone then would the says ” I am happy baby Jesus was born! Thank you God for baby Jesus! I play this game with toddlers. They love it.

Happy News Game.

You and another teacher or child make a bridge with your arms. The children will walk in a circle, passing under the bridge, while you sing together the following words to the tune: “London Bridge”. We have happy news to tell, news to tell. We have happy news to tell. We have happy news. On the last line, bring your arms down to ” catch” a child child. That child then tells the happy news: Jesus will be born! Continue until each child has had a chance to be “caught” and tell the happy news.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.