Religious Christmas Art and Crafts

An inexpensive craft for the very young: Obtain paper crowns from Burger King, one for each child, and let the children decorate the crowns with pom poms and geometric shapes cut from construction paper by simply gluing them on. I then read a story about the birth of the baby king on the first Christmas.

I work in a preschool with kids ranging from 3-5 years, so ideas for creative arts should be for kids with short attention spans, and this one is great! I took paper plates and cut out the centers, leaving the ridged outer edge and painted them Christmas Green. Along the top, I wrote “Happy Birthday Jesus!” in a red sharpie marker. Next, I went on Google to look for a gift pattern, and found: . Then I printed it out as many times as the number of plates I had. If you then take a blank sheet of white, unlined paper, and cut out the gift and the plain paper underneath it, the gift can open and the child can draw whatever they’d give baby Jesus on the blank paper! At the end, have them dip their little fingers in red paint to make berries on the wreath!

Baby Jesus – I went to Wal-mart and bought the cheap knee-high’s in the little plastic egg containers. Stuff one knee-high with some filling in the shape of a head, then tie a knot in the knee high and fill the rest of the stocking with more filler (shape it like a tube for the body) then tie a knot in the bottom of the knee-high. Glue wiggle eyes to the head, mold a gold pipe cleaner in a circle and glue to head. Cut white material in to large squares and swaddle it around baby Jesus. Tie a yarn bow around the baby to hold the material and hang a tag off of the yarn that reads… “Jesus is my gift to you on Christmas, Love God”

We made “guiding light” cups. After reading The Tiny Star, we talked about how the star was a guide to where baby Jesus was-a sign that he was born. Take glass cups (get them at yard sales, or donations) and paint White Glue on the sides. Gently press tissue paper pieces all over the glue. Use a variety of colors. It’s ok if the colors overlap. When finished apply a coat of glue over the entire project. The last piece to go on is a tissue paper star. It will show through with all the colors. Just add a tea light or votive candle. Ribbon or beads could be hot glued to the top of the glass as adornment. Allow to fully air dry before lighting. The children loved this sticky, messy project. And the parents thought they were so beautiful. These can be keepsakes for a very long time!

Another way to make the baby Jesus for the toilet tissue tube manger: wrap a wooden ice cream spoon in a small piece of fabric. Use a marker to add a face.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.