Purim Preschool Activities

Purim Groggers
Take a water bottle and get the children to glue on tissue paper. and place beads inside and glue the cap on. Makes a beautiful Gragger.

Purim Groggers

Use square juice boxes filled with beans etc. Dip them in glue then in paper confetti or scraps. Finish by putting a chop stick or 1/2 of the cardboard piece from a wire hanger into the “straw hole” for a handle. This is a great way to encourage recycling also.

Purim Groggers

Place 2 Dixie Cups with the openings facing each other. Securly tape and decorate. This makes a nice sized, no handle grogger.

Make a megillah for Purim by using a toilet paper roll. Have the children paint the roll and then take sheets of paper (width side up) with pictures of the main characters of Purim (or the story of Purim in pictures) and roll them around the tp roll. Have the children color in the pictures. Add sequins, shiny paper crowns, etc. for a nice accent. After it is rolled up, tie together with a nice ribbon. Voila, a megillah all their own!


One thought on “Purim Preschool Activities”

  1. When you hear the name of Haman, stomp your feet (stomp twice)(2x)
    When you hear the name of Haman (3x), stomp your feet (stomp twice)
    When you hear the name of Esther, twirl around (twirl)…
    When you hear Ahashverosh, clap your hands (clap twice)…
    When you hear Mordechai, shout hooray (hooray!)…
    If you’re happy that it’s Purim, give a shout (wa-hoo!)…

    Sung to: If You’re Happy and You Know it

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