Purim Preschool Activities

No-Bake Hamantashen. Take a slice of white bread, cut a circle out of it with a cookie cutter or some other round object. Use jelly or chocolate chips as the filling and peanut butter as the glue to fold up your triangle. (watch for peanut allergies!)

On Purim, it is customary to send baskets (containing at least 2 different types of food) to friend’s and family. I like to use strawberry containers. Decorate with ribbon (weaving is a great activity for 3’s and 4’s!) and fill with colorful tissue paper and treats! The children are always excited to exchange their baskets!

Can’t fail Hamentashen 1cup sugar 6 tablespoons water 1 cup butter 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs 4 cups flour Filling: jams or chocolate candies preheat oven to 375 cream sugar and shortening. Add eggs continue creaming until smooth. Stir in water and vanilla. Add sifted flour until dough forms a ball. wrap in wax paper and refrigerate at least 12 hours. When ready to bake, pinch off pieces of dough and roll out on flat surface. cut with a 3 inch round cookie cutter or glass. Place filling in the center of each round. Pinch the 3 sides together to form a triangle. Place on greased cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Makes 35-40 Hamantashen. * prune and poppy seeds are the traditional fillings.

make Hmentashen cookies from a paper plate and tissue paper. paint a paper plate brown. Fold the circle into a triangle staple it to hold it in place and add tissue paper for the filling. I like to do this activity before we bake hamentashen so the children can see how the circle becomes a triangle like Hamen’s hat. 

One thought on “Purim Preschool Activities”

  1. When you hear the name of Haman, stomp your feet (stomp twice)(2x)
    When you hear the name of Haman (3x), stomp your feet (stomp twice)
    When you hear the name of Esther, twirl around (twirl)…
    When you hear Ahashverosh, clap your hands (clap twice)…
    When you hear Mordechai, shout hooray (hooray!)…
    If you’re happy that it’s Purim, give a shout (wa-hoo!)…

    Sung to: If You’re Happy and You Know it

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