Purim Preschool Activities

Song – Pretty Little Ester went to town bought a hamentashen nice and brown, she took a little bite and then she cried “Goody, Goody, Goody, there is something inside”

Sung to “I’m a little teapot”

to the tune of Heveynu Shalom Aleichem:

Let’s all dress up ’cause it’s Purim,

let’s all dress up ’cause it’s Purim,

let’s all dress up because it’s Purim

We’ll stamp out Haman, Haman, ’til his name is gone (have the children stamp their feet at this part)

2. Let’s clap our hands ’cause it’s Purim…

3. Let’s pat our rosh (head) ’cause it’s Purim…

4. Let’s march around …

A cute song for Purim…

Purim day, Purim day. What a happy holiday.
Wear a mask, wear a crown. Dancing all around.
Round go the groggers, rash, rash, rash! (3x)
On Purim day!

(This is the English version to a Hebrew song called Chag Purim)

My hat it has three corners, three corners has my hat and had it not three corners it would not be my hat. Use hand motions. My–point to yourself, Hat-touch head, three–put up three fingers, corners–touch elbow. Each time you sing the song leave out a word and just use the hand motion. First leave out my, then hat, then three, then corners. Finish by singing the complete song again.

Pat a cake, pat a cake, baker man, bake me a hamentashen fast as you can. You roll it and fold it and make corners three, put it in the oven for the children and me.

One thought on “Purim Preschool Activities”

  1. When you hear the name of Haman, stomp your feet (stomp twice)(2x)
    When you hear the name of Haman (3x), stomp your feet (stomp twice)
    When you hear the name of Esther, twirl around (twirl)…
    When you hear Ahashverosh, clap your hands (clap twice)…
    When you hear Mordechai, shout hooray (hooray!)…
    If you’re happy that it’s Purim, give a shout (wa-hoo!)…

    Sung to: If You’re Happy and You Know it

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