Purim Preschool Activities

To the Tune of He’veynu Shalom Alecheim:

Let’s all dress up ’cause it’s Purim (3x) (Stamp feet) We’ll stamp out Haman, Haman, ’til his name is gone…

Let’s clap our hands “cause it’s Purim (3x) We’ll stamp out Haman…

Let’s pat our rosh (head)…

Let’s jump around…

Let’s all shake hands…


on Purim day on Purim day

4 mitzvot we do

on Purim day on Purim day

ill sang them now to you

la la la la la la …..

we go to shul we go to shul for the megilla reading and then back home and then back home the meal that well be eating la la la la la la….

we give tzedakah give tzedakah to the poor and then the shalach manot that’s delivered to the door la la la la la la….

“If You Knew Shushan”

(“If You Knew Susie”)

If you knew Shushan

Like I knew Shushan,

Oh, oh, oh what a town!

And then there’s Vashti,

She was a problem,

Even though she looked good

in her evening gown!

Then there’s Esther

and Mordecai, too.

They conquered Haman

to save every Jew!

Ahashuveros was very happy,

Oh, oh, what a town,

We’re talkin’ Shushan,

Oh, oh, what a town,

Give Shalach Mones,

Oh, oh what a town,

Eat hamentashen,

Oh, oh what a t-o-w-n!!!

In Hebrew there is a song about a little clown (“Leitzan katan nechmad, Roked im kol echad, Leitzan katan sheli Ulai tirkod iti…) Here is the English version:

A little, little clown
Is jumping up and down!
A little little clown
Is jumping up and down!
Purim! Purim!

Purim, Purim Today! (Repeat the last two lines twice)
On every Purim day I dance I sing and Play! (Repeat these four lines twice)
Purim, Purim today! (Repeat these last two lines twice)

One thought on “Purim Preschool Activities”

  1. When you hear the name of Haman, stomp your feet (stomp twice)(2x)
    When you hear the name of Haman (3x), stomp your feet (stomp twice)
    When you hear the name of Esther, twirl around (twirl)…
    When you hear Ahashverosh, clap your hands (clap twice)…
    When you hear Mordechai, shout hooray (hooray!)…
    If you’re happy that it’s Purim, give a shout (wa-hoo!)…

    Sung to: If You’re Happy and You Know it

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