Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

Posted 7-24-17

One day a little girl was helping me make cups of goodies for the teachers and I was trying to make sure that they were pretty even and I commented, “This one looks a little bare.” the little girl replied, “No Michelle there is no Bear in there.” I then explained to her that I meant it wasn’t full enough and that the other cups had more in them, she then replied, “Well my mommy won’t mind if I just eat that candy so it’s not full.”

In my 3-year-old class, one little guy is on a special diet – no artificial colors or flavors. He is really O.K. with this and knows exactly what he can and cannot have (we have a list also).  One day we had something not on the list and I was not sure and said:”Sean, Mrs. Elena’s not sure, have you had these before.” He quickly replied, “Nope, those have official colors” …

It was the beginning of the school year and we just finished reading a book called, “Getting Ready for School.” The little girl had asked her mom questions about school and what to expect. Well, when the story was over, I asked the children what did the mom think of school? I had a few different answers, but one stuck out. One of my little girls thought for a moment, raised her hand and said, “Did she think it was too expensive?”

As you can tell, I work in a preschool/daycare setting. It can get pretty expensive and the parents must talk about this at home! It cracked me up!

While making fall wreaths to take to a local nursing home, I asked 4 yr. old Grant what color paint he would like—-Rojo or Anaharado. He looked at me thoughtfully and replied, “Rojo please”. As I handed him the paint, he sighed & said, “Whew, I hoped that meant red!!”

In my classroom, we still use record albums. After a few days of school I pulled out an album for music time & this little girl looked up with wide eyes & said, ” That sure is a big CD!!!

I teach in a Christian-based preschool. Yesterday one of our very independent 3-year-olds wanted to potty herself all-by-herself! She closed the bathroom door and I stood outside the waiting for her or waiting to offer assistance. After a minute I heard her finish up and I asked her “Wendy, are you o.k. by yourself?” She replied “I’m o.k. ’cause Jesus is in here with me”.

While doing “calendar time” with my 4-year-old class, we were identifying the letter “W” for Wednesday. I asked the class if they could think of another word that started with that letter — emphasizing the W sound. Three children shouted out “wabbit!”

At the beginning of a new preschool term, my class was discussing what everyone did over the summer. A four-year-old, Afton, raised her hand and said, “We went to the Lake of the Noah’s Ark!” What she meant was Lake of the Ozarks.



  • Brandie July 25, 2017 at 8:51 pm Reply

    My four-year-old preschool class was discussing pumpkins. I took a pumpkin to class and carved it and read Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater to them. We took a puppet on a stick and placed it inside the pumpkin. I then asked the children “why do you suppose that Peter could not keep his wife?” One little boy raised his hand in confidence and answered…. “Because she had WAY too many credit cards.” 

  • Kelee July 25, 2017 at 8:50 pm Reply

    Another lunch time funny: A little boy in my 3-year-old class always has a funny little twist on what lunch is called. While we were busy eating Salisbury Steak he kept asking what it was called and I repeated it several times for him. When his mother came to pick him up that afternoon… he ran up to her and said: “Mommy we had the best lunch today… we had Strawberry Cake!!” Never a dull day in the preschool world!

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