Preschool Teacher Humor And Stories

Posted 7-26-17
When my daughter was three, we took a family vacation to Washington DC.  Because we didn’t know the town, we took a taxi from the airport to our hotel.  During our journey, the driver was pointing out different landmarks.  We came up to a very gothic looking building and he said: “That’s the IRS headquarters.”  My daughter quickly replied, “Oooooh, that’s where monsters live!”  We laughed the rest of the way to our hotel.

I was doing my student teaching at a Head Start program. All of us were sitting at the table eating lunch. One of the girls in my class asked me to pass her the “cotton cheese” I giggled and explained to her it was called “cottage cheese” she giggled and said that doesn’t make sense. I thought to myself it does look like cotton.

One day, while cleaning up after my children’s lunchtime, I noticed that our recycling bin smelled really badly. A co-worker walked in, noticed it as well, and asked, “what is that?”. At the same time, one of my 3-year-olds walked out of the bathroom, and having overheard, said, completely seriously, “It’s my feet, I took my socks off”!

My class was working on a puzzle of the food pyramid.  In one piece is a can with a fish on the front (Tuna). One child asked the others “what is this?” and someone answered, “that’s tuna fish”. The first child then asked, “what’s tuna fish?” A little boy very seriously replied, “Oh, it’s fish that’s been tuna-ed”.

I teach 4-year-old Kindergarten. One of my little guys, Jason, cute with bright red hair and freckles and a “real challenge” who said what ever popped into his head and was really quick on his feet. The church I worked at had Ladies Bible Study every Wednesday. One Wednesday we were walking back from the lunch room, Jason was our leader and I was walking in front of him. We got to the door to enter the preschool building just as a “very” large woman came out. Jason said (in a loud voice) “WHAT A.. I quickly turned around to look at him and gave him a “don’t you dare” look! He smiled at me and finished his sentence with “beautiful woman.” Needless to say, I could not keep a straight face. Like I said, “He’s quick on his feet!!”

I teach a class of 4 and 5-year-olds, and one day one little boy seemed to be concentrating very hard on the blank computer screen. I went over to ask him what he was doing and he said “Oh nothing…I’m just buying a motorcycle off the internet…It was one of the cutest things I had ever heard!

Last year, I lost my voice. I was told I couldn’t use it for 10 days to avoid losing it completely. So during circle time, my aide told my class that I had lost my voice. After circle time, little Naomi tugged on my skirt to get my attention. As I bent down to listen to her, she whispered to me, “Did you look under your bed?”



  • Brandie July 25, 2017 at 8:51 pm Reply

    My four-year-old preschool class was discussing pumpkins. I took a pumpkin to class and carved it and read Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater to them. We took a puppet on a stick and placed it inside the pumpkin. I then asked the children “why do you suppose that Peter could not keep his wife?” One little boy raised his hand in confidence and answered…. “Because she had WAY too many credit cards.” 

  • Kelee July 25, 2017 at 8:50 pm Reply

    Another lunch time funny: A little boy in my 3-year-old class always has a funny little twist on what lunch is called. While we were busy eating Salisbury Steak he kept asking what it was called and I repeated it several times for him. When his mother came to pick him up that afternoon… he ran up to her and said: “Mommy we had the best lunch today… we had Strawberry Cake!!” Never a dull day in the preschool world!

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