Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation

Here is an easy way to make graduation hats. Purchase some black party hats (with the elastic string) and some black poster board. Cut off about inches from the bottom of the party hats and cut the poster board into – inch squares. Hot glue the party hat onto the poster board square and then hot glue a gold ribbon “tassel” to the top. Presto! A cute hat that stays on easily.

As I took pictures all year of the kids I saved them. Then at the end of the year I did a picture collage as end of the year gift for the parents.

During the year we make a portfolio for each of our children in the class. This consists of pictures of the children doing different projects. The art and a picture of the child doing the project is put together and made into a book or portfolio. The portfolios are handed out at graduation along with their diplomas. The children love seeing their progress over the year… A great tear jerker for parents.

I took pics using a digital camera throughout the year. I created a folder on my computer for each month, with a subfolder for each event or day, so when I put the pictures onto the computer I could easily see how they were organized. At the end of the year, I made a slide show set to music. I do not do a graduation program, but if you could present this slide show at graduation it would be wonderful. It is unbelievable even for me to look at, and see how the children have grown and changed, so I know the parents will love it. I am giving a CD copy to each parent for the end of the year gift.

I am a lead teacher in a multiage classroom. Our center has classrooms. At the end of each year we have a special closing program in the chapel of the seminary. Each class prepares two songs. We march in by classes to Pomp and Circumstance”, the children graduating to Kindergarten wear white caps and gowns the other children wear nice clothing. After a brief welcome to parents and guests, we say Pledge of Allegiances. the classes sing their songs. Then each class proceeds up to receive a diploma (graduates) and others receive a certificate. After a group good-bye song (which we use at dismissal daily, the children and guests return to their own class room to have a party. We have done this the past years and it is so wonderful. A great way to say good bye.

One thought on “Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation”

  1. When I was small I was afraid
    Teacher helped me, and art I made
    I splashed in water, collected worms
    Never knowing how much I learned
    Pretending how to put out the fire
    I was a princess, crown of bended wire
    I practiced how to write my name
    and soon enough it brought me fame
    Exploring, discovering, creative play
    Is what we did everyday
    This was the greatest place to grow
    Now off to kindergarten I will go
    My head held high
    I will try not to cry

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