Preschool Halloween Art

Cookie Cutter Bubble Painting Mix.

Mix liquid bubble soap/dish soap and water and tempera paint (in Halloween colors.)  White works well for ghost shapes on black paper.  Use Halloween cookie cutters to dip in the bubble/paint mixture, and then onto paper.  The bubbles will pop and leave a spooky shape.

 Make ghosts out of your dryer sheets!

 Haunted House Cut out haunted house shapes and let children put face at the top of several large lima beans and glue onto the house, they love this. I use it in my class every Halloween!! They can use a white crayon to make the windows in the house!!! Everyone likes spooky houses!!

We cut and/or tear black and orange construction paper scraps into small sections. Then we glue them to a sheet of yellow paper along with Halloween confetti. I try to find larger shaped confetti so it is easy for them to pick up and add to the collages. They love it-scissors, glue, and confetti all in one project!

Cut out a pumpkin shape and a ghost shape with a jagged edge. Glue the ghost over the pumpkin stem. Next, make a little boo sign for the side of the artwork. I use this with my three and four-year-olds.


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