Preschool Halloween Art

 For a three dimensional and beautiful mask, you can blow up a balloon( medium size) and cover the balloon with paper mache.  After when the balloon is fully covered, have children decide what they what the head to be.  You can also introduce Mexican/African/Chinese cultures, which celebrate the art of mask making.  Have the children paint the mask and decorate it with yarn, beads, glitter, and sequins.  When the project is done, then you have to pop the balloon.  The mask would remain in the same form because of the paper mache.  This project can take about a week or more.  It can also be very messy.  I have done this project with children ranging from 4-18 years.

 Ghost Pins:

Using regular white school glue, drop a glob of it and let it run down a little.  Add a couple of beads for eyes.  Let it dry.  Now punch a hole in the top to string for the necklace, or put a pin on the back to make a pin to wear.

 Ghost Painting/Prints Paint.
Paint each child’s bare feet with white paint.  Let the child step onto a black piece of construction paper (this will look like a ghost.)  When the prints are dry, allow the children to glue some googly eyes onto their ghost footprint.  It is a great activity for the teacher and the child, plus it makes great artwork for the parents to save and reminisce.

 Spider Print- Have the children make a fist. On the palm side of the fist paint it black and let the child stamp their painted fist onto a piece of white paper. Open the fist up. Paint all the fingers but the thumb! Let child put the fingerprints on either side of the fist print. (this is the legs) Using their thumbs let them place two thumbprints on the spider. They have created a great holiday art project that not only they will love but the parents can keep to remember their little hands.

 Paper Plate Spiders.

Use black paper plates (or have the children paint plates black.)  Give the kids googly eyes and wrinkled construction paper legs.  Let them glue their eyes and legs onto the plate.  Punch a hole in the plates and then hang them from the ceiling.


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