Preschool Halloween Art

Hand Print Ghosts.

Paint the child’s hand with white tempera paint.  Have the child place their hand (with fingers close together and pointing down) on a sheet of black paper.  This can be done several times to have several scary ghosts floating through the air on a dark night.  When the paint dries, they may add eyes and a mouth with a black permanent marker.

Orange Jack o Lanterns

Materials needed: Oranges and whole cloves.

Have children make Jack o Lantern faces out of oranges and cloves. If they want, they could also embellish with markers.

Pumpkin pieces are great for paint prints.  Cut out a few pieces of a pumpkin in face shapes (nose, mouth, eyes, etc.) and have the children create jack-o-lanterns out of pre-cut pumpkin shaped construction paper.

Cut out ghost shapes of all different kinds and allow the children to decorate them with scraps of white material (such as cotton balls, tissue paper, etc.)  Paste a picture of each child’s face on the ghost and hang them on a bulletin board with the heading: What A “BOOtiful” class!

Paper Bag Pumpkin.

Take a lunch bag size paper bag and crumble-up some paper to put inside.  Tie the top with string leaving, about 2 inches of space at the top. Paint the bottom portion with orange tempera paint and the top brown (for the stem.)  Copy a leaf pattern on green paper and let them cut it out; glue or staple it to the base of the stem.  If you’d like, you can wrap green or brown pipe cleaners around the stem for vines.  Also, you can give them different pieces of tiny black shapes to glue on to make a jack-o-lantern.

 Halloween – Ghosts

Use Elmer’s glue and put a big dab of it on waxed paper.  Roll around until you have a shape like a ghost.  Let it dry.  Punch a hole on top and put in colored paper clips to make a chain (for the kids to wear.)  Add two black dots for eyes.


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