Preschool Halloween Art

Preschool Halloween Art

First, we read the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet.  Then, we made spiders.  The body and legs were made from black construction paper.  Where the spider’s body is, we glued white paper and wrote, “I’m scared of_______.”  The children wrote what they were scared of. On the bulletin board, we put Little Miss Muffet making a scared face.  She is saying “I’m scared of spiders!  What is K119 scared of?”  Display the spiders all around the bulletin board.  For a border, we cut out white jagged paper and made spider prints using black paint and our thumbs.  Then we drew on the legs with a black marker.

Halloween COLORS.

Our program is a high/scope program, so we do not provide ideas for children for a completed project.  That is left up to them.  However, our parents still like to take home seasonal artwork.  Our way to make this happen is to see out materials in seasonal colors.


We provide black and orange construction paper, along with thick orange, black, and white tempera paint in a shallow dish and shallow boxes (lids from boxes for photocopy paper work great.)  The child puts their chosen paper (orange or black) in the shallow box.  They then dip their marble in the chosen paint color and uses a spoon to scoop it out and onto the paper.  They then hold the box, tilting it back and forth as the marble moves across.  When there is no more paint, they can dip the marble again or get a marble in a different color.  These are very dramatic to hang up on display.

Variation: string painting.  Child folds the paper in half, then unfolds it and puts a string with paint on one side and folds it over.  They then pull the string out from the edge.  Interesting designs.

You can make several different Halloween objects by simply painting your child’s hands.  First, there is a bat.  You paint both of the child’s hands black with a washable paint.  Then, you have the child put their thumbs together with the other fingers spread out; once the shape is made, carefully place them on the paper (for a younger child you may want to do one hand at a time.)  The next one is a ghost. Paint one of the child’s hands with white washable paint.  Have the child straighten their fingers together and place their hand on black paper (make sure you push down on the child’s hand to assure good printing quality.)

I give everybody a paper bag which they can decorate using all kinds of materials (sparkles, feathers, stickers, shapes, etc.)  They can put all their treats in it during our Halloween party.


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