Preschool Halloween Art

Snow Jack-O-Lanterns.

Our Valdez, Alaska preschool quite often has well over a foot of snow by Halloween.  Since most outdoor activities are difficult, we adapt.  We made big round snowballs, then used watered down tempera paint in spray bottles to paint them orange.  We then used black tempera paint to make faces. This was a lot of fun and our artwork lasted for parents to see when they picked up their children.

Coffee filter Bats.

Materials needed: coffee filters, clothespins, watered down paint and a pie plate.

Place the filter in the pie plate for the bats.  Paint the filter black, then fold it in half and pin clothespin up the middle.  Paint the pins black, and once they are dry, you can hang them anywhere.

Paper Plate Masks.

Cut a sturdy paper plate in half.  Staple a tongue depressor to the bottom right-hand corner.  Cut a slot in the middle of the half plate to look through.

Present a smorgasbord of materials for the children to glue onto their masks.  Mine consisted of feathers, wood shavings, dyed range, yarn pieces, shiny papers, buttons, egg carton bumps, green Styrofoam pieces and brown curly nesting material.  After the children glued these things onto their masks, they could hold them up to their face (Mardi Gras style.)

For a classroom or hallway decoration, cut out two pumpkin shapes out from poster board.  Cut a door in the top one; open the door and glue two shapes together.  Cut pumpkin seed shapes out of paper or poster board and write every child’s name on separate seed.  Glue these to the 2nd sheet, which should be behind the door.  Then attach the following poem:

Teacher, teacher, preschool teacher,

Had a class that couldn’t be neater.

She stuck them in a pumpkin shell,

and there she left them, very well.

Using black construction paper as a background and white Q-tips as bones. Let the children create their own skeletons by gluing the Q-tips on the black paper.  You can break some q-tips into smaller pieces to make fingers and toes.


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