Preschool Halloween Art

Preschool Halloween Art

Finger Paint Pumpkins.

Materials needed: finger paint, paper, orange food coloring, condensed milk.

Ahead of time, draw a pumpkin shape on the finger paint paper and mix the orange food coloring with the condensed milk.  Allow the children to finger paint the pumpkin on their paper.  The results of this craft are amazing.  They have a different texture than regular paint and the kids love the fact that it’s shiny.

Spider Webs.

Using name brand “Tacky Glue”, put the glue all over wax paper (you may want to help younger children because the glue is thick and hard to squeeze out.)  We then cover ours in black and orange glitter, but you could probably use any kind of decorative covering (torn up black paper, cotton balls, etc).  Let them dry completely; I always let mine sit for at least 24 hours.  Carefully peel the “spider webs” off of the wax paper.  You will have freestanding spider webs that you can hang from the ceiling or on a window.

Put white tempera paint inside empty 2-liter soda bottles.  Have children roll bottle around until inside is covered in white.  Let children make a ghost face on the outside of the bottle.  Remove cap and let dry.  Once dry, replace the cap, tie a string around the top of the bottle and hang around the room.

Halloween Bottle.

Take an empty, clear 20 oz. bottle and add orange colored water (or you can have children add some red and yellow food coloring if you want to demonstrate how the color orange is made.)  Add some Halloween confetti (bats, moons, witches, ghosts) and glitter.  Then, hot glue or tape on the lid shut.

Little Monsters.

My home preschool group made these little monsters and each came out unique.  We started with a squirt of paint on a plain piece of paper.  Then, we took a fat straw, cut it in half and the kids blew the paint, causing the paint to spread.  The kids chose different colors (some did it once and others did it up to five times.)  Most turned out to be circle-like formations.  After the paint dried, they glued on eyes and feathers of their choice.  This looks good on black paper.  This is an easy project with great results.


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