Preschool Halloween Art

Paper Plate Spiders.

Use can use either large or small plates for this; I use small plates for my preschoolers.  I make a template where I go in to cut eight legs and go around another section to make the head.  I cut where the rigged part of the plate is, leaving the center for the body.  You should have four legs on each side and a head in the middle of the plate.  Afterwards, the children paint the plate.  Once it’s dry, they can decorate it with googly eyes, glitter and balled up black tissue paper; I usually allow them to make designs any way they like.  I also give them a variety of supplies, such as buttons, confetti, scraps of black construction paper, etc.  The kids are free to create with this.

Materials needed: black or purple paint, white paper, wiggly eyes, glue, yarn.

Paint the bottom of each child’s feet.  Place toes facing the same direction, heel to heel on paper.  This will have to be done one foot at a time.  Draw pointed ears with a black marker, then glue on some googly eyes.  You have the cutest bats ever.  Tie them with yarn and hang them around the room.

Ink Blot Ghosts!

Materials needed: black construction paper, white tempera paint, and an eye dropper.

This activity is quick and easy for any age group!  Fold the construction paper in half.  Place a few drops of the paint on/near the inside crease of the construction paper.  Fold the paper again and have the child press or rub their hands on the folded paper.  Open the paper back up for a unique ghost shape. this activity is great for teaching symmetry.  Enjoy!

I am only fourteen, but I am practically a teacher.  In the Learning and Developing Center I volunteer at, I teach lessons after school.  We have children there ranging from 2-10.  I have to pick activities that are age appropriate for all and that are not too hard or too easy.

Recently we made “black cat bracelets.”  We took colored macaroni and strung it onto yarn.  I let them choose the length, but most turned out to be bracelets.  Then, when they left, I spray painted them black.  They really turned out nice.  Then, I read them a short story read about black cats.  They loved it.  Each day they wear their bracelets and I read the short story.  Hopefully, for our Halloween party, we will have it memorized, and I will send home the bracelets.

Get a baby food jar.  Dilute tacky glue.  Paint the jar with the glue and cover it with orange tissue paper.  Cut out eyes, nose and a mouth in black paper.  Put a tea light candle inside.  Makes a great gift!

In my dare care class, we made witches.  First, we traced and cut our feet out of black paper.  Then, we used the part where our toes whereas the bottom of the witches dress and the heel as the head.  We added Q-tips for arms and legs.  They drew a face on their witches and added hats.  They turned out so cute.


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