Preschool Halloween Art

Coffee Filter Pumpkins.

Using white coffee filters and an eye dropper, take red and yellow dye and let the children alternately drop on the two colors to make orange.  For jack-o-lantern features, older children can cut and paste construction paper eyes, noses, mouths.  For little tots, add features using permanent marker before they begin.

Make a cut out of a ghost on black construction paper and place it in an old oatmeal canister with one tsp. white tempera and marbles; shake it afterward.  This makes really cute, spooky ghosts.  We mounted ours on fun foam and added glitter and a magnet to make a spooky fridge magnet!

Spooky Spider Webs.

Put a paper plate in a pie pan and give the student a small dab of black paint.  You can also paint a paper plate black and do the activity with white paint to look more realistic.  After the small dab of paint is placed on the student’s plate, drop a marble in and let the child move the pie pan in all different directions to make a spooky spider web.  After it has dried, punch a hole in the plate and attach a plastic spider ring or sponge paint a spider in the web.

Rattling Skeletons.

Use white paper to form 5 paper chains, and then connect them to make a skeleton. Trace children’s hands and feet on white paper.  Cut and glue them to the ends of the arms and legs.  Cut an oval shape and draw on the face.  These work best when made with small groups of children.  Hang them around the classroom for spooky decorations!

Tempera Paint Spider Webs.

Using runny black paint, allow the children to use a straw to blow the paint across the page to make a spider’s web.


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