Preschool Halloween Art

We made the neatest spider webs ever!!! Using a small round cake pan, place a piece of black construction paper inside the pan to cover the bottom, place a small amount of white tempera in the middle of the paper. Have the child take a marble and place in the pan and roll in the paint numerous times. Real fun!!! Just remember to wash the pan immediately:-)

Halloween Wind Socks

Large white construction paper

black and orange streamers

black paint

staples or tape

hole puncher


Have children make a cylinder shape from the white construction paper. Punch two holes, one on each side, thread ribbon through and tie for the handle. Have children draw two eyes and a howling mouth (Bingo markers are really good for this) attach black and orange streamers and you have a spooky Halloween windsock.

Spooky Halloween Tree

On Butcher paper or large white paper, draw a black, gnarled tree. Have each child in your class paint his/her hand in white paint, place on three fingers pointing down, after all the ghosts have dried allow each child to draw a spooky face on their handprint. Nice classroom decoration.

This idea is out of the Family Circle Easy Holiday Crafts issue. Cotton Swab SkeletonTake a black piece of construction paper and 11 cotton swabs. Six of the swabs need to be cut in half. Make a skeleton head and let little ones make the face on it then using white glue on the swabs begin crafting your skeleton. One whole swab from the neck down, to form the spine, five of the half swabs on either side of the spine make the ribs, two more whole swabs then make the legs, with the other half swabs for the feet. then add the other two whole swabs for the arms. Write names with white chalk or crayon. My kids love this.

Pumpkin Mosiacs

Per child, you will need 1 paper plate, 1 sheet of orange construction paper, one stem shape cut out of brown paper, one leaf shape cut out of green paper, scissors and glue.

Have the children take their scissors and cut the orange construction paper into pieces.  Then, glue the orange pieces on the paper plate, and then glue on the stem and leaf shapes.  This project is great for children still learning how to use scissors because they can’t make a mistake!


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