Preschool Halloween Art

 Halloween or Little Miss Muffet Spiders

You will need:

Styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, tiny orange pom ball, “Design Master” Spray Paint(flat black), black yarn, brass fasteners.

Spray Styrofoam balls in advance with spray paint. Cut each black pipe cleaner into 3 pieces. Give each child a black Styrofoam ball, eight pipe cleaner pieces, an orange pom pom nose and two wiggle eyes. Children insert 8 pipe cleaner legs into a ball and glue on nose and eyes. You may want to provide “tacky glue” for eyes and nose. Attach a length of black yarn into the top of each spider with a brass fastener. Hang from the ceiling.

Marvelous Pumpkin faces can be made by having your little ones cut out eyes, nose, and mouth from a magazine ad in order to decorate paper bag pumpkins or hand-drawn jack-o-lanterns.

Stained Glass Jack-O-Lanterns

To make beautiful jack – o – lanterns, stretch a wire hanger to make a circle, push down the wire so it will lay flat on a surface (do this ahead of time). Place the hanger onto one side of a regular full size sheet of orange tissue paper, assist children in painting glue (with a small brush) along the inside and outside edge of the hanger, using black paper add facial features & glue them on, fold the tissue half that is remaining over the glue and press to adhere the edges. I add a green strip with the child’s name at the hook part of the hanger and hang them in the windows!! Trust me, the families love them & if you suggest they store them in a shirt or pizza box, parents can enjoy them every year!

Get an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. Cut eight parts to it going up just high enough that you can bend them a little. Dip in black paint and you will have a spider. Use googly eyes to finish.

Spooky Spiders and Ghouly Ghosts.

For spiders, trace the hands (with fingers spread) of pre-schoolers onto black construction paper.Cut the thumbs and glue the body (palms) together. With a white crayon, make eyes and a smile. For Ghosts, trace the footprint and turn to where the heel is up. Draw eyes for the ghost at the top.


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