Penguin Songs

I’m a Little Penguin

(Sung to I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little Penguin, in the sea
I can swim as fast as can be
When I catch a fish just look at me
I’m as proud as I can be
I’m a little Penguin on the ice
I think cold is very nice
Then I hop around first once, then twice I think ice is very nice.

I’m a Little Penguin

(sung to tune of “I’m a Little teapot.”)
I’m a little penguin black and white,
I waddle to the left and I waddle to the right.
I cannot fly but I can swim, so I waddle to the water and jump right in!
* kids enjoy doing actions to this song.

For penguin week I wrote a song that the children loved it goes like this:

Tune: I’m a little teapot.
I’m a little penguin short & round
Swimming in the sea is where I’m
Eating lots of fish day and night,
Wobbling around I’m a silly sight.

Saw this on a web page sounds really cute

Penguin March

(military chant or jody)
I’m a penguin black and white
I can’t fly but that’s all right.
I’ve got feathers that’s not fur
and I lay eggs like other birds.

Penguins, 1, 2
Penguins, 3, 4
Penguins, 5, 6, 7, 8
They’re great!
I just swim to get my meals
But I watch out for leopard seals.
I’m from the south as you may know
And now it’s time for me to go.


I’m a little penguin (sung to I’m a little tea pot)

I’m a little penguin as you can see
All the other penguins are bigger than me.
Maybe when I grow up then
I’ll be A rock-hopper, Emperor or Adelie

Penguin Song Tune: The Ants Go Marching

Penguins waddle all day long, Hurrah, Hurrah!
Penguins waddle all day long, Hurrah, Hurrah!
They only stop to take a swim and when they’re done, they waddle again.
The penguins waddle around, around and round.


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