Passover Art

Chametz Brooms- Take a paper plate and cut it in half. Children then decorate any way you choose ie: crayon, tissue paper and glue, paint, etc. Then staple a Popsicle stick to the rounded side of plate (handle for dust pan) Then punch a hole in an edge and tie a piece of yarn though it. At the other end tie and glue a feather (the sweeper) Then let the hunt for chametz begin.

Frogs – one of the silliest plagues to teach about

paper plate frogs – paint plate green, and red on other side fold in half (red will be inside of mouth) add eyes, feet, whatever…be creative i try to remember to punch a hole in the center of the plate first then, we can hang them from the ceiling and they look like they are jumping all over our classroom.

Decorate a kiddush cup for Elijah. Use a plastic wine cup and glue on tissue paper for a stain glass look. Another way to decorate it is to paint with either glitter glue or glitter paint.

make a matzah cover. Have parents send in a handkerchief and let the children paint it. Another way to decorate it is to place small pieces of tissue paper all over the cloth and then let the children spray it with water from a spray bottle. After it starts to dry remove the tissue scraps and it leaves a beautiful tie dye effect.

To make a seder plate: Have children draw about 2 inch pictures of an egg, a shank bone, a piece of lettuce, charoset, and bitter herbs. Label each picture for the child. Then glue the pictures to a colored plastic plate. decorate around pictures with glitter glue pens. Place a clear plastic plate over the colored and secure with glue around the edges.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.